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C3 disc problem(just diadnosed this year)? high thoraicic disc problem

Started by davidjbellis on 12/21/2017 2:44am

Hi straight forward problem first 15 years no diagnosis despite MRI showing neck and lower bask issues
Sucessful Surgery ADR l5/S1 and C4/5 and C5/6. I have had symptoms of C3 damage since 1992

I have had a problem in this area since i was 17 when I fractured my skull playing rugby someone kicked me in the head..Obviously damage to disc occured severe symptoms went away after about 3 months. GP called it neuralger.
Have had no feeling in my legs since accident in 1992 and chest down was ice cold. Thermal scans evidence this. I beleive my head was twisted when I fell and lower back twisted the other way.

22 years later had another accident at home when I hit my head on low doorway (old house) fell on concrete floor hitting shoulders and finally broke my tib/ fib. This was in 1992. The severe pain and weird sensations tingling etc has continued until recently. I have just sorted it with listed surgery above. I am pain free. thanks to acupunture.
There is certainly a problem as the medical profession in the UK do not want to diagnose my condition as it is deemed best not to operate.Their view is they saved,my life my not operating and not telling me in case I had an operation. Crepitus and the body causing spine to fuse top to bottom is the cause of my pain.
This probably sounds weird bit of a conspiracy. it is real.

I have gathered if they did not operate I would gradually become a cripple and house bound. I nearly went there.
My first sympton of pain was stomach and groin.Probably from C3. I have had pain in my sholders I am not sure if the neck problem is the only issue or if there is a thoraicic problem too. C3 would refer pain to arms through shoulder. I have had internal brusing, bleeding under heels and blisters where pain was. Last year my head flipped around and I could not breathe for about 4 minutes. Had spasms in oblique muscles to.
After 25 years of pain I would like to know the reason so I can decide how to live the rest of my life. I was an extreme sport fan and fitness fanatic. since 50 I have been unable to do much because of pain.
I need to know 100% what was wrong so I can put it behind me. I also want to know if the problems and symptoms will start again. A correct diagnosis from when symptoms started would be the answer
Please help me

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