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herniated L5 15mm? Suffering please read

Started by lordhavmercy on 09/06/2017 2:29am

If you are new to spinal pain i emplore you to make well thought descions,with a family member that can be trusted follow pre agreed perameters.Sayying that i would like to relate my early intro to lower lumbar suffering(not saying other disoreders aren't overwelming).2004 i fall off a ramp at work 10ft into a pit landing on myleft side on a tractor wheel chalk bout 8 in dia. Went to workers comp doc 19 never heard of all these long names you give suffering and pain.x rays show nothing2 weeks later back to work.I have a litteral black blue purple pacth mid spine almost to belly button. I was raised POOR Bama Trash no other way to put it pain is a part of life stuggle get by die bluntly told to me since i can remember.3 months could not do manual labor at all lost job,went to trade school learned to be large scale manual machinist (ship building and other large scale manufactuering.i learn all sorts of things in college like when a trusted member of the medical community shorts you .I do not prescibe nonsence .i work till i was 28 in bama,sister moved to a more urban were i could relize my full potential.For the first time in my life i had insurance and a career.2012 i finally get pcp voice my concerns this 3 letters MRI changed my life. I relized i have not had no major injuries since workers comp.Forgive forget maw maw said i got my treatment (by the way L1L2L3 bilatteral fractures discs in the L4L5 herniated.spinal specalist said too youngto do surgery)years of lost jobs broken relationships cause cant provide.3 months ago pain from hell fire, fell out of bed siatic pain never felt before rubbed and yelled the woman i married never witnessed this from(L5 15mm herniation L1L2L3 fractures have spread open more so i was told i am 33 now pregnant wife and cant bath myself.new well known drs franchise.new laws i was told pain managment is that management im a hard ass just go to dr get what i need as i neededit NOT NO MORE i went to doc same one 4years myspinal health has detieriated drank night before doc usual pee testas alwaystold me they were not able to help me.referral and the endless cycle continues ive been watching this site for a while ive meet people suffering 2 have took thier own life.Doctors you have a moral duty to care for the suffering if you choose surgery (ill say this do you gamble do you know how to navigate satistics if not and you blindly trust someone cause they have a title in front of thier name)very few make it to the other side of the knife better off and to the ones being abused by the bullied copassionate moral title holders SHAME.Unlike those that throw up there hand saying IM NOT A DRUG SEEKERi hope you are next that comes to the point of no return GOD BLESS THE SUFFERING THAT DONT LIE TO THEMSELFS and Dr's that help those too afraid to ask Ill carry on with no trust

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