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Lower Back & foot pain

Started by David-pain on 09/03/2017 11:51pm

Hello everyone,my name is David and I want to Tell my story with back pain. I had three surgeries last one in 2015.I notice my left leg lower caff muscle was gone.That happened after L4 &L5 and two years has passed.My first surgery was back in 2001 &2003 S1 doctor cleaned up disk.Pain doctors and N/P will (Bully You) and abuse you with the Cord Stimulators because of MONEY it cost to have it done. I seen this from two pain clinics. It's a money game with Doctors even if the stimulator fails you lose twice one your back is cut up from doctors and two the doctors still charge you $50 grand. STUDY the stimulators they don't work! Find meds that work for you and try live life best as you can. I have failed back with pain everyday of my life and I do suffer with my pain on left side . I noticed my left ankle and foot at night when I lay down will twist inward where I get up put my foot on the floor to stop muscle spasms at my ankle.Wish pain clinics stop treating patients with serious back condition like drug abuser! My prayers for you that suffering from lower Back and leg pain. Thanks for reading.

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Hi, David-pain. Thank you for sharing your story!

We know a lot of people who visit our Community are struggling with accessing prescription pain medication in light of increased regulatory involvement in opioid prescribing. We'd like to share a YouTube video featuring a Practical Pain Management Editorial Board member (Practical Pain Management is a sister site of SpineUniverse's). This video does an excellent job of showcasing the complex nature of opioids and the importance of treating the individual: https://www.facebook.com/PracticalPainManagement/posts/1460720760673859​. We think you'll appreciate and empathize with some of the sentiments in this video.

Thanks again for sharing your story with us. We hope you continue to fight against your back and leg pain--and that you find treatments that give you the best possible quality of life.