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nerve recovery after c3-4 fusion

Started by bdecriscio on 08/12/2017 8:39pm

My recent surgery of fusion at 3-4 went well in terms of the procedure and physical recovery(5 weeks ) but no relief at all from the symptoms that lead to the surgery. I had increasing numbness and lack of feeling in both hands, all fingers. MRI had confirmed a bad disk herniation pressing on the spinal cord. I know the spinal cord doesn't regenerate or recover well but would like to know if the peripheral nerves that are now very active are trying to recover or are just no longer functioning correctly. have far more tingling/tenderness and sensitivity than before but not much if any real improvement in feeling in the fingers. The sensations I now have run throuout my hands ,wrists and lower forearms.

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Hi, bdecriscio--thanks for your post! We are sorry to read about all the nerve problems you've experienced after your cervical fusion. We're curious: Has your spine surgeon indicated that your fusion recovery is complete? Have you discussed these worsening neurological symptoms with your surgeon?

If you answered "no" to either or both of these questions, it may be a matter of having more recovery left ahead of you. Or, if your doctor has indicated that your fusion is complete, we still think you should tell your doctor about these symptoms because they weren't there before the procedure.

Nerve pain is complex. Oftentimes, the goal isn't to eliminate nerve pain but rather to reduce it. However, if your nerve pain has worsened after surgery, that's something your spine surgeon should know about. He/she should be able to detect the source of the nerve pain and provide you insight on how to manage it.

We hope this information helps, and that you get some answers and relief soon!


Thank you for your observations. I am jumping the gun a bit as I do have a 6 week appointment with my surgeon on August the 18th. I think what i'm most interested in and I will ask is if the increased sensations might be a good sign of some recovery activity as opposed to being just a bad sign. Thanks again, Bob