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Neck problems

Started by SingleDadOf3Girls on 08/07/2017 9:43am

I had an Anterior Cervical Fusion Discectomy on C4-5 & C5-6 in 2013. I also had a L4-5 5-S1 Fusion 2014. I never healed from my lowered back but i never had problems with my bracket in my until June of 2017. I was getting (180) Hydrocodone 10/325 & (180) Tramadol 50mg from my Surgeon.
Well, in June they decided to send me to a Pain Management. Which has been a living Hell. She cut all Pain Meds for some reason.
I have a burning sensation, above my neck bracket, going up the back of my head. It's making my whole head feel really hot with a headache. Everytime I move my neck it makes me have a dizzy/disoriented feeling and also makes me really nauseous.
Does anyone know what this could be??

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Hello, and thanks for your post. We are so sorry to read about what you've gone through. It sounds like your dizziness, pain, burning, and nausea have all started after being taken off your pain medications--is this the case?

A lot of doctors are halting pain medication prescriptions in light of the opioid crisis, which comes with both positive and negative consequences. Have you told your surgeon about these new symptoms? What you are describing are neurological symptoms, and your surgeon should know about them.

If you feel like you're not being heard by your medical team, we recommend you see a new spine specialist for a second opinion. We have a doctor finder tool that can help you find a qualified professional near you: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe...

We hope you find some answers and relief soon!


Thank you for replying to my message.
-Yes, the symptoms have started after being taking off the medication.
-I have told my Pain Management Dr, but I haven't told my Surgeon about the symptoms. My PM doctor said I wasn't allowed to discuss my conditions with any other doctor, or she would have to stop being my PM doctor.
- She has started me on the Butrans Patch now.. This is my first day wearing the patch.
So would it be a good idea to tell my Surgeon anyway. He is the one that has done all my Surgeries.


You have a right to share your personal medical information with any medical professional of your choosing. Getting a second opinion is one of your rights as a patient, and you can read more about your right to getting a second opinion here ( Second Opinions: Five Things About This Patient Right ).

We encourage clear communication across your entire medical team, so we think telling your spine surgeon about your current symptoms may be a good next step. Best of luck to you!