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Fusion Surgery

Started by Evelyn Milsap on 07/10/2017 7:43am

I had the fusion surgery june 1,2017 they removed c4,c5,c6 I have degenerative disk disease prior to this I had back surgery I had pinched nerves in lower back my question is does this pain get any better I can't sleep,lay down can't hardly walk again does it get any better they put in 3 screws in my spine does the pain ease up not to mention the muscle spams dear God can you give some advice

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Hello, Evelyn Milsap--thank you for taking the time to post! Experiencing pain after spine surgery, especially in those first few weeks postop, is very common. We have some articles that may help offer some advice and information for you:

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While some postop pain is to be expected, we encourage you to call your spine surgeon if pain is unbearable or outside of the bounds of what your surgeon describes as "normal." Spine surgery is a really big deal, and it does take quite a bit of time to fully heal. Our best advice is to follow your surgeon's recovery instructions and call when something just doesn't feel right.

We hope the rest of your recovery has fewer bumps in the road. We wish you the very best for a speedy recovery and less pain ahead!


Hi, Evelyn! I'm really sorry you are going through this painful experience! I had discectomy and fusion of C5-C7 about three years ago. As I recall, I was still pretty uncomfortable at 6 weeks -- and especially with those treacherous muscle spasms!! Be sure to continue taking your muscle relaxers regularly until the spasms subside. I found either ice or heat can be very helpful, too. Remember that you have had major surgery -- your body needs time and rest to recover. Be patient with yourself, it will improve!! As the Team said, though, if you are concerned about your level of pain, call your doctor! They will evaluate your pain and recommend what may also be needed. Best wishes! Let us know how you progress!