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Spinal stimulator

Started by dcart24 on 06/29/2017 3:30pm

I hurt my back and neck in 2013. Have did therapy injections and now I am going to try spinal stimulator. Have already had the mandatory physic evaluation. Has any one had this done ?

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Hi, In the second week of January of this year, I had my spinal stimulator permanently implanted. Because my spine is totally fused, the doctor had to do a little more surgery than the normal person would have. I spent the night in the hospital and then home the next day. I had quite a bit of pain because he had to cut out bone to put it in. But after a couple of weeks , the pain wasn't so bad anymore. I have had the stimulator adjusted three times so far, but my company representative, who does the adjustments, said sometimes it takes more than that, and don't be afraid to call her anytime. My unit was placed to take care of pain in my leg from my hip down. So far it seems to be helping. Sometimes if I am really tired, or if I have sat for too long, my leg hurts, and I just lie down for an hour. Mostly, tho, everything is all right and I am glad I had it done. Mine is a St. Jude type. I hope this has helped. I know that not everyone has good results, but I hope you do.


I had this done 2015 I was not aware that it takes so little for the leads to move well mine did and they couldn't get to stimulate in my low back it was stimulating in my ribs very uncomfortable feeling so mine is just in there doing nothing but causing muscle spasms. I wish you better luck!


Hi, dcart24--thank you for your post. We have lots of content on spinal cord stimulation that we'd like to share with you:

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We hope you find this information helpful. Please keep us posted on your experience with the treatment. We wish you all the best!


ive had two!dont do it.please they do not work for the most part.the burst dr works for a short time but than u develope a tolerance.i had 1 month of pain relief.please do not buy into the hype.itsll about $$$$$$$$.research it on google ,you will see im right.god bless you.if you want more info i have quite a bit.contact me here


I have had the same hard sell at my new pain doc and got second opinion from spinal surgeon who you have to seee pain specialist before him. I've been to the circus and seen the show! However, I've been pressured by family members who are helping me financially to try this.
I don't buy into this $100 over the phone physch clearance for two days before trial.
Interesting in brochure 2 types non-battery replacement and 9 year rechargeable.
Found out the non-rechargeable sounds great until find out have to replace them every 2 years !
PS already see a pysch for alprazolam and nortryptyline but that wasn't good enough an MD vs psychologist I was "referred" to buy doctor.
Like the church lady on old SNL "How convenient!"
A lot of red flags! One pain specialist asked me if I tried deep breathing or they have a great yoga instructor.
I said can we see the doctor now so I could get my scripts!
Where there's money there's larceny!


I have no choice but to try this stimulator.
I am in bed done for the day which began with the usual wake up every 2-3 hours, take first dose of pills, ask my nephew please make me coffee. Take second dose, get moving around 4:00pm and my sister brought left over s from her anniversary dinner took meds back to bed and heating pad.
I am at my sister's house in NY to see spine specialist. She drove me and stayed at hotel with me night before. Have eval over phone tomorrow and 23rd trial. I am hoping actually praying this will get me moving literally because this isn't anyway to live. At this point, only my sister willing to help cause my wife can't do it anymore. If I don't try it she's done helping me with daily living and financially.
She's getting short with me too at times.
I've always been a giving person and if shoe on other foot I'd help them more.