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Neck pain.

Started by Karen mouse on 06/09/2017 5:16pm

I am 33 years old and I had my first back surgery in 2010
L4 L5 and second one in 2012 a L4 L5 S1 fusion..i am now having the worst pain in my neck and Left shoulder and the worst every day all day can't sleep can't stand and do anything head aches.its been going on bout 3 weeks for the head ache and bout 3 to 4 months with neck and shoulder pain some numbness in my L hand
I have Dr apt the 15 th the day b4 my 34 birthday..anyone that's had anything like this happen please help.

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Hi, Karen mouse--we are so sorry to read about your neck pain and headaches!

With the numbness in your left hand, it sounds like you may be suffering from some nerve problems in your neck (a compressed nerve in your neck can be felt all the way in your hands). We also wonder if you may be suffering from cervicogenic headaches. You can read more about this type of headache caused by referred neck pain in this article ( Neck Pain and Headaches ).

We hope that your upcoming doctor's appointment yields some answers and a treatment plan! Best of luck to you, and keep us posted on what you learn from the doctor.


I done my MRI and am seeung my Neuro surgeon monday july 3rd.. the dr saud it shows c2 -c7 detereating....c6 - c7 is pinching a nurve.....my question is what can be done with c2 - c7 if there detereating...can thry be fix befor they get any worse or what....im so scared its every cervical disk...what will happen...


Hello people what should i do i have somtimes after waking up a neck pain ??