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Chronic pain/Killing my marriage

Started by Foxylady5753 on 05/26/2017 2:11am

At age 26, CNA for 9 years, 1 yr old son, wife and blissfully happy. Then my world crashed. Emergency sx due to loss of bodily function, Lamanectomy of L5-S1. Blessed to stay home and raise son. Negligent attorney, lost career, lost Work Comp case, lost home, but Blessedly loved. 4 years later(2005) home daycare, doggie sitter, and 2nd last son. My pain was hit and miss depending on physical activity. Now 2017, 12 yrs and this past winter almost broke me. Small house cleaning venture failed and lost part-time job due to PAIN and suffering. Still unable to afford or find preexisting medical coverage and unable to get state help. Scared that doctors predictions of me in wheelchair by the time my oldest graduates high school IS coming true. Trying to file for SSDI, but without MD or medical records for proof of deterioration it looks unlikely. OC meds stopped working. Alcohol worked for a little bit. CBD helps but my body's tired. Mild depression and emotional issues. Hubby of 20+years thinks he has the answers to help me but isnt! I'm still in love with him but with all this pain occupying my body and mind, extreme lack of physical relationship. He thinks that I am not in love with him and is totally intraverting. I'm so lost! Any advice, emotional support, ideas, tips, etc... Gratefully Appreciated!

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We are so sorry to read about the huge toll chronic pain has had on your life. While we can't imagine the pain endure on a daily basis, we'd like to share a few resources with you that we hope will help.

The first is a link to our Chronic Pain Center ( Chronic Pain Center ). This link will connect you to all of our chronic pain resources--from information on what chronic pain actually is to the myriad of treatments that may help you manage your pain.

The second is our chronic pain letter, which may help you articulate some of your feelings to your loved ones. ( How to Support a Loved One With Chronic Spine-related Pain ).

Thank you for sharing your story for us. We want you to know that you are not alone. We know others in this Community know how you feel, and we hope they reply with how they've managed their pain. We hope you can find some relief from your pain, and we wish you the best.