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Posted in: Chronic pain.

SO frustrated- MRI shows nothing

Started by michelle4 on 04/01/2017 1:37pm

I have been in intense pain for over 1 year. My pain radiates from my lower right butt, across to my hip, but also feels tender the bone that attaches somewhere from my leg to my hip, down the front of my thigh and leg and on top of right foot. It has interfered greatly with my life and no one can tell me what it is. I have had multiple MRI, EKG nerve testing, specific spine injected CAT scans. Everything comes back clean, which I realize is good but I still have excruciating pain/ numbness/weakness.

I've been to specialists and no one knows what is going on. My last neuro prescribed me Lyrica, which I must admit helped greatly with the nerve pain, but the side effects are too brutal- I have to stop. It's like trading one bad thing for another.

Anyone else have similar symptoms? I have done everything natural- stretching, chiro, yoga, muscle relaxants...

Thank you for your help.

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Are you getting open or closed MRIs? Closed MRIs show up much more than the open ones, a lesson I learned the hard way.


They are all closed MRIs


Hi, michelle4--thanks for taking the time to post. We are so sorry to hear about everything you have been through over the past year. We can't imagine how frustrating it is to be able to clearly articulate your pain (which you did in your post) only to find that imaging scans provide no supporting evidence.

From what we're reading, it looks like you're doing a lot of things right: You're seeing multiple specialists to get different takes on your pain, and you're staying active and using non-surgical means to address your pain. We're sorry to hear nothing has emerged as a solution yet.

It sounds like you're dealing with chronic pain, which can be challenging to diagnose. We'd like to share an article with you about diagnosing chronic pain ( Exams and Tests to Diagnose Chronic Pain ) because it highlights some additional tests that you may consider exploring.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing. We wish you the very best and hope you learn the root cause of your pain soon!