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wife has broken screw in sacrum nerve bundle any advise

Started by gunman on 03/24/2017 9:53am

my wife has had multiple back surgeries including fusions and revisions of her hardware the last one TOTALLY FAILED !
she now has screws and rods in her entire lower back area surgeon told her that theres nothing more he could do
he also hold her the screws in her pelvis is all thats holding her upright
he also told her the previous surgeon had put a screw in her sacrum nerve bundle and it had broke off and he could not remove it without paralyzing her
has anyone had to deal with this
she lives in pain all the time takes morphine 3 x a day and has had to resort to smoking marijuana when the pain gets too much
the pain hits her so severely some times she literally drops to the floor and has to lay there until the pain subsides to the point she can move again
obviously this has utterly destroyed her quality of life
any help or suggestions from others who have to deal with this is greatly appreciated

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to share your wife's story with us. We are so sorry to hear about all you both have been through. We can't imagine the pain your wife has experienced--and to witness it as her husband is so difficult. When our loved ones are in pain, it can make us feel so helpless.

While reading your post, one of the things that struck us was the phrase "there's nothing more he could do." When a doctor says that, we believe it's a red flag that it may be time to see a different spine specialist for a second opinion. You can read more about seeking a second opinion in this article ( Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart? ).

You wife should not be expected to live in excruciating pain. Perhaps taking her imaging scans and discussing her current treatment regimen to a new physician may shed light on a solution. In the meantime, your wife has a great support system in you--and that is worth more than you know.

Keep us posted on how she's doing. We wish you both the best of luck!