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2 spinal fusion. & laminectomies come apart

Started by Firefly1 on 03/22/2017 12:56am

Now with osteoporsisis, osteoarthritis, osteoapen, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, stenosis,.....the list goes on and on. It just seems unfair. My first surgery came apart 1 month later and the 2nd never took at all. Some how the screws must never had been tightened i guess. I couldn't get any law firm to help because the place is WELL LKNOWN

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Hi, Firefly1--we are so sorry to hear about your spine surgery experiences and all the spinal conditions you've endured. Tell us about how you are doing now. Did you seek out a new spine specialist to assess the failed surgeries? Are you on a treatment regimen that's working for you?

We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Firefly1, wow what a nightmare. I thought my case was bad. As far as a law firm goes........ this is my first post and I'm not really sure if I can refer you to the legal firm I use or not. But here's what happened to me. I had a neurosurgeon at the Veterans hospital call me in (after reviewing some of my medical imaging) and he told me that if I didn't have a laminectomy C3-C6 that I would no longer be able to hold my head up in a few years. I had no idea that I even had any kind of problem at all. You can imagine, after hearing that I consented to the procedure which he assured me was a routine procedure. Well, after I woke up my chin was down into my chest and I could no longer lift my head up. That was in 2012 and I haven't been able to lift my head up now for almost five years. I was so angry because he did to me the very thing he said would happen to me if I didn't have the procedure. So, what I have come to understand Firefly is that after he removed the four vertebrates from my neck and attached a device to it with eight rods and sixteen screws, instead of having my head in a "neutral" position........... he had my chin down into my chest and that is why I can no longer lift my head up. Isn't that amazing? All he had to do was to have my face pointed straight ahead instead of having my chin into my chest and I would be okay. A couple of years later when I went to see him again, there were two interns in the room with us and when I complained about not being able to lift my head he turned to the two interns and said, "normally when this procedure is done the head is placed in a neutral position". By that time I had already started my law suit so I didn't say anything else to him. Anyway, Firefly my law firm believes I have a very good case and if they don't win I owe them nothing. I would be happy to put you in touch with them if I knew it wouldn't violate community advice rules. So, let me know what you think and we'll see if we can move forward. Take care, St. Mark