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I can't feel my hands

Started by Darlene Collins... on 03/14/2017 4:33am

I've always had some back pain and aches. I suffer from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis but the arthritis was painful to believe that when I had a flare up everything hurts from head to toes. Also have carpal tunnel. Worked as a bartender and sever also did office work. Sometimes working 3 jobs raising my 2 sons. Let's just say I worked myself into chronic pain everyday but I deal with it all. This past December I was doing some decorating and my body was just limb not up to it and i am so OCD if it's not going to happen to my complete look I don't want to be able to even try. As my hands every morning I woke up they were still asleep and took awhile to feel them but they would eventually come back. But not this morning I wake up and start my routine for the day it seemed strange but it was my right hand. I never did get a tree because the touch of anything felt like glass. A few weeks had passed just waiting for the moment they had to come back. I went to emergency roommmuch has happened in my family these past few years but I won't get into that now. Well the dr looked at my swollen hand n I had bumps and the pain was so unbearable to feel so bad I was told 2011 that I had carpal tunnel and now I must have reached the point where I needed surgery. Followed up with hand specialist and he ordered a EMG needless to say we were already in mid February he was not treating me n my pain was getting worse and now I feel it in my left hand. Awaiting for answers I called another doctor affixiiated that I needed surgery nights of not sleeping. Also a flare up so everything hurt me and I was just miserable and I was told to get an MRI so I could even be seen. I fought with my primary care dr and was just so exhausting I just can't stand this pain anymore I can't even feel anything and my pain is 1000 degrees. Awaiting an appointment with a doctor who would see me with a whole different hospital my future daughter Inlaw is studying to be a dr and she was so sick of watching me being treated like a complete idiot p. I was thankful to have some support. March madness is here and my appointment is finally here I will finally get some relief brang. Along copies of my EMG and told the dr what I had been threw without any sleep his assistant was treating me and asked me if I wanted both hands to be done or one at a time. I said both I don't care. Then comes the surgeon who is looking at my results and then prciceeds to give me an exam to my neck arm hands finger tips and almost everything but all could think or care about was my hands. After the test he told me your problem is not carpal tunnel it's your neck your spine and I am not doing surgery your numbers aren't high enough and I do believe you have cervical issues and another long word I would have to pull out my paper work for months I have been in much pain and I am truly thankful for the fact that I did not hesitate to help my way to the correct dr to be on point when I looked it up I saw all the symptoms and I cried because of all the other things that I could never be able to see I was not paying attention to the chronic pain in my mechanics my spine also my lower back hurts legs and toes legs knees. I don't feel good not for awhile now knowing I'm doing something right now I am relieved awaiting still march 17 I see a specialist and I need to start Theropy on the 20 they wanted to schedule me but I'm not able to keep that due to an appeal with disability ongoing for about 4 years And she said then you come on the 21 st and we will be able to get to the root of the problems and I lay here waiting for my happiness to come back and I hope that I will have some relief I'm in so much pain I can't even hold a fork and I touch the computer so that it hurts so much but I'm so lonely and I just got married to a wonderful man I don't work today and he is truly amazing but I am feeling sorry n. Sad because this is a lot to handle but I'm thankful that I am not alone. These past few years were so sad and painful hurts everyday and I'm scared to much time has went by. I can't feel my hands like they are inside an electrical socket and I'm just going crazy with all this pain thanks for being there to hear my story I am truly thankful for my life but my happiness is not reality there to much too much pain

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Hello, Darlene--thank you for taking the time to share what you've been through. We are so sorry to hear about the pain you're in and the long road you've been on in search of the root of the problem. We can't imagine how frustrating the last few years have been for you.

It's hard to feel happy when you're in so much pain, but we firmly believe a treatment is out there to relieve everything you're going through. Also, you clearly have an excellent support group of people in your life who love you and care for you. We hear many stories from people who struggle with not just the physical effects of chronic pain--but the emotional and mental challenges as well. Having good people in your life is invaluable when you're wrestling with significant pain.

If we understand correctly, it looks like you're seeing a specialist--presumably a spine specialist--this Friday, March 17? If that's the case, we hope you come away from that appointment with a game plan that makes you feel empowered and gives you hope. Please keep us posted on how the appointment goes. We wish you the very best!