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Please help - we need advice / Thoracic Disc Herniation t3 t4 t7 t8

Started by DeeMiljevic on 02/14/2017 8:59pm

My partner has multiple-level thoracic disc herniations in particular t3 t4 and t7 t8. He is only 26 years old and has the injury for a few years (3+ years). He also has numbness and tingling when he holds does every day thing such as holding a phone, walking, standing for a long period of time (10 minutes +). We are desperately looking for a solution and just some advice around options, he has tried drug therapies and also physical therapies and nothing has helped. Recently he was refereed to a surgeon to do Nucleoplasty as all other surgeries are high risk-. Can you provide any guidance?

If anyone could please provide us with some guidence that would be highly highly appreciated. My partner is only 26 years old and can't even old an office job because he cant hold his hands on a desk to type, or old a phone to speak for more than 10 minutes. I am certain, positive and hopeful that someone could help us.

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Hello, DeeMiljevic--thanks for your post. We are so sorry to hear about what your partner is going through. Numbness and tingling are known as neurological symptoms--and they should not be ignored. They can take a huge toll on quality of life, as you well know.

Neurological symptoms are connected to nerve pain--have you and your partner visited with a neurosurgeon? If not, we encourage you to do so, as neurosurgeons are specially trained in the type of pain your partner appears to have.

You mention nucleoplasty as a potential treatment. This is a newer, less invasive surgical approach for herniated discs. We found an article that features one of SpineUniverse's Editorial Board Member's thoughts on nucleoplasty and thought it might be helpful for you ( New Technologies for Treating Sciatica and Back Pain ).

We're glad you and your partner are being so proactive about finding a solution. Your support and positive attitude are more important than you know, and will help get your partner through this tough time. We wish you both all the very best.


Thank you for your reply and sending across the article. We have spoken to a few surgeons but would love to speak to anyone on this forum that can either relate to this or give us some insights on alternative treatments? We are based in Australia and would love a second/third/fourth opinion from an international neurosurgeon?


I had a T2-T3 laminectomy done 5/5/17. My incision is about 4 inches long between my shoulder blades. I had significant spinal cord compression due to disc protrusion. The pain in my chest felt like a hot poker and nothing eased it. That is now gone. Thats not to say it was easy. This surgery and recovery is brutal. I am still very limited on lifting and what i can do with my arms. Initially, after surgery, i could lift nothing heavier than a plate of food and no reaching above shoulder level. My husband had to wash my hair for me for weeks! I still struggle with muscle spasms between my shoulder blades since surgery, my ice machine is my friend! Its a rough road but it can be done. Its just rare. I have a WONDERFUL Neurosurgeon, I'll be happy to pass along his info if you are interested!