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Back pain

Started by Arthur Council on 02/12/2017 1:15pm

I had lower back surgery 3 years ago and I stayed out of work for awhile just to make sure I could do the work I use to do .For almost 2 years of 10+ days including warehouse work I'm in more more than before. I can barely stand sometimes, numbness down right leg into my toes .Now I also I'm having sharp pains in my hips !!!is that weird? I can't sleep without being in pain either ,oh I'm starting to catch pains in my shoulder as well .What can I do

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Hello, Arthur Council--and thanks for taking the time to post your question! You sound like you're living with an enormous amount of pain, and we are so sorry to hear that.

While some pain after spine surgery is to be expected, your pain sounds outside the bounds of "normal." In particular, you mention having numbness, which is a neurological symptom. Neurological symptoms should not be ignored, and they are best evaluated by a spine specialist. We have an article about the process spine specialists use when evaluating these types of symptoms that you may find helpful ( Neurology Basics: Neurological Exams ).

Of course, we're not here to diagnose your pain, but your symptoms sound similar to sciatica. We have a lot of information that might be of interest if you'd like to learn more ( Facts and FAQs About Sciatica, Low Back and Leg Pain ).

We encourage you to reach out to your spine specialist to understand to the root of the problem and get you on the road to a true and full recovery. We wish you the very best!