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Cervical Stenosis/Metal Allergy

Started by anitajay45 on 02/08/2017 2:39am

I'm due for cervical surgery in a month involving a 3 level fusion and a corpectomy. Issue is that I was diagnosed with nickel allergy and the material they'll be using is titanium with 0.0014% of nickel mixed in. The orthopedic surgeon involved in the surgery said there was no evidence that is published regarding the relationship. But I've read a ton of horror stories of people having to get a 2nd surgery to take out the metal due to the nickel allergy.
The allergist said to avoid any amount of nickel and said he wouldn't do the surgery if it was him and to find alternatives. Orthopedic surgeon mentioned there is no alternatives but he would consult with his peers. I considered fusion without hardware but they said it wasn't an option because the levels involved. Allergist had mentioned it's probably best to seek another optinion. What are my options? Should I risk the small amount and go for the surgery? Or are there actual other options that exist regarding the material of the metal?

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Hello, anitajay45--thank you for sharing this excellent question! We agree with your allergist: You may feel more at ease if you get a second opinion from a different orthopaedic surgeon.

We have an excellent article about this very topic that you may find helpful. ( Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart? )

Spine surgery is a big deal--and allergies are nothing to mess around with, either. We wish you the very best of luck with whatever decision you choose!