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Foot Drop - Drop Foot from misplaced pedicle screws

Started by zemindar on 02/07/2017 12:05am

Has anyone else suffered Foot Drop after having a spinal surgery with misplaced pedicle screws? There are no current discussions about Foot Drop after a wrong spinal fusion surgery on the web. I have severe Foot Drop and I am desperate to connect with others!

I am a Scoliosis patient who had my 4th Scoliosis surgery in January 2016. I already had sixteen levels of my spine fused, (from C7 to L3) and this surgery was for treatment of "Scoliosis Flatback," which meant that the remaining two levels below my long fusion had collapsed. Anyway, the surgery was supposed to take six hours but took thirteen. I woke up with a paralyzed foot! Then, my surgeon did nothing to find the cause of the paralysis. Months later after agonizing, indescribable pain in my foot, I diagnosed myself off the web, suspecting that he had misplaced a pedicle screw. I was right, and eight months later I had another surgeon re-do the entire surgery.

However, my foot is still paralyzed! I cannot walk without a brace on my leg and a walker or a cane. Will I ever be able to own a dog again, or walk on the beach, or walk anywhere? My life is forever changed and I have entered the world of the truly disabled. Also, my foot and half of my leg is in constant agony! It's either a burning hot poker feeling, or a tight blood pressure cuff sensation, or a crawling feeling, etc. Hideous, continuous, pain that, if it were not for pain medicine, would, in polite terms, not be compatible with life. My foot is paralyzed but it hurts and burns all the time.

I have severe Foot Drop. All the threads on it are defunct. Please write in or write to me through this forum if you have this condition. Yes, I have tried all the treatments! A brace does not cure Foot Drop. I have severe nerve damage in my L5, causing the Foot Drop. My nerve is not severed, but it is damaged. They do not know if I will ever recover. Thank you and God bless you all!

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Hello, zemindar--thanks for sharing your story. We wish we could tell you what to expect, what could relieve your pain, what you can do next. But, we can't. We are here to listen, though, and we want you to know how truly sorry we are for everything you've been through.

We did some digging on SpineUniverse to see if any content might shed light on your situation, and we came across this ( How Do You Treat Drop Foot? ). You've clearly done a lot of research already about drop foot, but perhaps this article will lend something new to what you've learned.

Again, we truly hope you can find some answers and relief--and that someday soon you'll take your dog for a long walk on the beach.