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Pill counts

Started by tsuzq55 on 01/16/2017 3:53pm

I live in TN and am currently on my 4th pm.
Unfortunately my insurance is Tenncare which is much worse than Medicaid. They will only pay for 5 medications per month.
My prior pm had me on 4 oxycodone ( 10mg without the acidametaphin) a day. Also a 25mg fentanyl patch every 72 hrs.

On several times I would run out of meds early and took some Norco so my ua would show something in my system. I dont know how my doc found out that I had taken norco and had no oxycodone in my urine. I thought they had the same basic ingredient, that they would only come up as opiod?
2 other x's I had to reschedule my appt on acct. I had no pills left when I had to show my bottle. To make a long story short I got an offer to remain in pm but only on a no narc basis. I took the voluntary discharge.
Now its been 2 months and I just got in to a new pm. On acct of all the porwrk to fill out, I neglected to carefully read the contract to see if they require pill cnts. I do however have to bring my btl empty or not each month.
This doc started me out with only 90 oxys with the acidametaphin and no fentanyl. My pain is still severe even with them!
I'm taking 4-5 a day as opposed to the 3. that I'm allowed.
Breakthrough pain is a bitch!
My question is should I be up front with the doc about how much I'm taking ? Would that be grounds for a discharge?
It was my 1st visit with him and he told me he wanted to see how'd I do with 3 a day.
Hoping my past med records wont screw me up..

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You didn't say what kind of pain you have exactly. Or how long you've had it. I don't know how things work in Tennessee. But I've been living with lower lumbar stenosis pain for over 30 years. I had an MRI that told the whole story and was granted disability immediately. I've been on disability for 15 years now. My medication requirements are 30 mg of time released morphine three times a day and oxycodone 10 MG four times a day. And this has been an on going dosage for over 15 years. Have you had an MRI? The MRI should give an indication of how much pain medication you need.


Kathy Nehrig,
I also have lower lumbar stenosis and degenerative disc disease. Sciatica in both legs that go all the way to my feet and pins and needles in my feet constantly.
I've been on disability since 2002. Even with meds its hard to get in a comfortable position.
I have had an MRI back in 2010 but now I can only get CAT scans due to a coil in my brain.
In 2013 I was put on morphine but was constantly constipated so on acct of my pushing too hard I wound up having a subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Once I got out of the hospital needless to say my doc took me right off of it and changed my meds