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Lack of Care, Desperately Need Help !!

Started by 101532310364765... on 01/05/2017 12:27pm

As of January 11th, 2015 I had lumbar spinal surgery with implementation. Had two broken vertebraes, 6 completely herniated discs and over a 2 dozen bone spurs removed, also had so many nerves damaged being severally pinched and with spurs growing into them some could not be repaired and some from the broken bones sawed them in in half. Titanium rods, screw and other implants went in place of what they took out. To date it is Jan 5th, 2017 I have had no follow up care. I was in the hospital for 10 days and brought home to bed, for 4 mos I was bedridden and could only walk with a walker and daughter assistance to and from the bathroom for potty use only. Eventually I started walking assisted outdoors from my driveway to the end of the block at the 6/7 mos mark, now I am walker free. When at the hospital I was told we were going to have home care, none came and I did have the first 3mos of unbelievable problems such infections, incisions swelling that looked like huge water balloons and had to drained daily, thank god for my daughter !! Who is a surgical vet tech .. ( Yes I did type Vet) ... As much as we tried to get help at home as she has a lil toddler and pregnant at the time we were assured we would have homecare. WE DIDN"T !! The pain meds given I found the only to work for me as I hate feeling loopy from drugs as it makes me sick was oxycodone 10mg at least I could sleep a lil with using them. But my doctor cut me off those 6 weeks after my surgery and I am not allowed to have anything since .. I was only taking them 1 every 6 hrs or as needed. He believes all my pain and all my troubles of my back is due to my depression and that I cost our system a lot of money for the unnecessary surgery. I was physically injured at work and it took me 9yrs fighting him to get to see a neurosurgeon who did indeed do every test possible to say OMG how in the hell have you been living like this ?? How have been going to work everyday 12-18 hrs a day in such agony with no help ?? and keep house and grandchildren and life intact .. (Answer) I have had to just suck it up !! He and 3 other surgeons immediately put me in for surgery. The problem now is because he is based in New Westminister, BC and my family doctor and are in Richmond, BC it is up to my primary doctor to provide my post surgical care. I have yet to have received any physio treatment as I have begged him to sign me for as it has been a year and he still won't. He does not believe that physio, or in his words quack chiropractors or any other form of outside treatment would do me any good. My surgeon and he do not communicate and if I am needed to go to physio then it is up to the surgeon to provide it for me. I have taken upon myself to meet 9 physiotherapist and all have turned me down for treatment because they need my doctors requisition they would be liable without it. My pain level has always remained at 9/10+ on most days but I suck it up and do my best to keep going thru each day as normal as I can, but I cannot do much anymore as I use to. I am very limited to what I can do around the house if anything at all and have now finally been approved for disability with no help from my doctor as he refused to fill out any of the paperwork. Our government had to force him to do so, as he believes that because I am not totally incapacitated I did not or do not qualify. Boy was he wrong !! I have such searing pain on my right side of where I had surgery going thru my hip and down my right leg to just above my knee at any slightest bending, or twisting and it feels as though from the one spot of my spine to my knee as if your driving a stake thru and into my leg. Question is this normal after back surgery ?? It literally drops me to the floor, knocking the wind out of me as it is happening. I am so scared as I am alone most of the time and cannot get help all the time. My children are getting tired of me always asking and their lives are very busy they don't have much time to give, all my friends have full time jobs and lives I hate to put them out. What can I do to help myself thru this debilitating pain ? I have gone to the ER had a CT done but they cannot see anything as the implants look to be all in place nothing else to look at I guess, fusion is only about half way mark of being totally fused together.
Now to kick this off !!
I have been complaining 0f severe pain in my neck for 4 yrs my right arm has been going numb all down thru to my fingernails, the ER I went to looked at my neck and found C2-C7 discs severally herniated and two broken vertebrae one which is totally dislodged from the spine, they sent results to my surgeons and now they want to do surgery of my neck. I am freaked out and do not want to go thru this again !! What should I do ????

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I am serious !! Because of all this I have been seriously contemplating suicide lately .... I am so scared and so alone in my pain management that I just can't take it anymore !! As much as I love my two grandbabies that are the only two things that are keeping me going some days. I have excepted the fact now that they don't need me as much and that they are going to be just fine without my physical presents ....