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Spine issues in a young adult

Started by Sophie Amanda S... on 12/10/2016 11:54am

Can any one explain what all this means? I'm a 29 year old female with pain for the past 8 years with no relief from medications (NSAIDS, nerve pain meds, and regular pain meds, pain injections) physical therapy, chiropractic, and I lost 35lbs! I got a recent MRI but even tho I work in the medical industry I don't understand how it all fits together or what to do. Everyone keeps telling me I'm to young to have all these issues but they've been going on sense 2007!
MRI: L4/5 there is posterior disc bulge with annular disruption with superimposed small central disc protrusion causing indentation over the anterior aspect of thecal sac. The . There is mild narrowing of neural foramina on both sides. Mild facet arthrosis is seen

Also do I need surgery and if so what kind?

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Most of the people have major problems in life because they doesn't care about their spine, well i just to clear you if you are student for working women just seat properly on your seat and have sure your seat is comfortable your hips and size, and take good and health goods like salads and all natural things which make your bones strong and healthy.


I injured my spine at 19. Luckily my first neurosurgeon was not a "surgery happy doctor". That was 1989 we did not have the internet then. I was begging him just to do this spinal fusion, not even knowing what it was. It took me a year to even be able to take care of myself and new born baby.

17 years later I did end up with that surgery. However I made it that long and it was also after a major car wreck reinjuring it and living through that for years as well.

Sometimes people need a small surgery like a microdisectomy and do fine the rest of their lives. Lucky you that you have the advancement of science and the longer you can put things off that could be surgical the more science can advance.

My recommendation is to keep your core as strong as possible with walking and pilates . Massage therapy is your friend and see your family doctor. :)


If you are not better or can't live in this condition then you need to seek a spine surgeon. Some people are luck and some are not like you and me. I have back problem since 2010, during this time i eat clean and workout hard on my core. End of 2015, my back becomes worse and i need to seek Spine surgeon again. Well my L5S1 has badly ddd with lost height and bigger annular tear so now looking for surgery. Nobody can understand back problem unless you have one like us that cause problem and pain daily. You need to find someone to talk to or from online. I hope you seek treatment soon.