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Fusion L5 L4 S1 13 yrs ago

Started by Carol Ruby on 12/06/2016 8:09am

Hi All!! My husband Jim had the above surgery in the beginning of 2003(40 yrs old at the time) after he fell from a ladder and landed on his back on a half wall of concrete in 2001 - We remember well, the pain and excrutiating wait for the surgery we believed would make everything better. He was able to return to work in his own construction business until 2010 when things turned very bad. Not only was his back and leg pain becoming unbearable, but was diagnosed with a super infection of HepB, HepC and Lymes disease!! HepB and HepC are cleared and supposedly the Lyme disease if you believe that can actually be cleared..anyway.... He has never used drugs and does not drink. Now he has cirrhosis from the HepC and has not been able to take anything for pain except Morphine or Methadone as his liver will not tolerate anti-infamatory drugs.

Due to all of this, or something we are unaware of, his platelets are 10K where they should be 150-400K and cannot have needed additional surgery and is refused spinal stim or even p-stim which is just constant accupuncture to the ear basically. It has been a LONG past 6 years and are no further. Is there anyone out there with a platelet problem who has found relief for this unbearable pain? I laugh at the studies on why the suicide rates are up, because they don't even consider the multitudes of people who are sent home with their pain meds to suffer and would rather end it all than exist in perpetual torture with no help or recognition. I am hoping to reach out to others who have been thrown under this bus to not only search for answers together, but know that we're not alone in this suffering. We are also controlled by WC which is a whole other story on top of it all. I would love to meet you all, so please say hi!! Thanks Carol

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Very interesting to see this post, the accident and repair and the problems living with it. I have had great discussions as to who this is the hardest on, you or your family. You have the disability and pain, they have the consequence of this, but they can't literally feel it or respond to it. I reckon it hardest for the family.

I too fell and took damaged my lower back, did this as a young feller. I lived with the pain and other problems until I had serous trouble and couldn't go any further, I was 39 and had L5/S1 fused. I then had over 10 years of magic, I lived like a normal person had very little pain and other symptoms were controlled. This is where your post get interesting, I took a job in the construction industry. It wasn't long and I had damaged the joints against the repair badly, my Surgeon said very some rude things about lifting and flexing after I had L4/L5 fused to fix this a few years ago. I want to start a post with a question about this, I'm reading through the forum finding out what I can first.
To top it all off I had another accident and destroyed T12, so now I have another section fused T11/T12/L1. This has complicated life some, I'm not pain free, but a lot better. I couldn't lie down hardly before the op and sitting was a total no, very hard to rest, using my arms was horrible too. This brings us to the other interesting note in your post, Platelets!!
If I travel or do anything which offends things, and I have a patch of elevated pain levels. This results in my platelet count crashing out. I have Prednisone to bring it back up till the next time. I am struggling with the next problem, weight. I used to swim a km before breakfast 3 mornings a week and found this great to keep me fit and to control my weight, but now I have the second fusion I can't move my arms much which has stopped this for now.

I'm very lucky really, I have fantastic support from my wife and family and my church group around here is very accommodating. These are the real weapons for combating the struggles. I just need to have a brilliant idea to make lots of money or something, so I can afford to take a Helicopter any time I need to go somewhere.

It is a while since you folk put this post up, I hope you check on it some time and let us know how you are getting on.