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Posted in: Chronic pain, Scoliosis, and Surgery.

T4-L5 fusion/laminectomy/discectomy

Started by TaraStewart on 10/25/2016 10:14am

I've had 3 majorly crummy spine surgeries. 13 vert fusion, laminectomies & discectomies with cages. First surgery was in 2004, second one was also 2004. I just had my 3rd a year ago 2015. This was all from scoliosis. Anyway, I'm not sure what else to say other than I just wish I had some friends who understood what it's like to endur pain daily, to know what it's like with such a fusion. I could go on forever about all the crappy things I have to deal with after these surgeries, I just want someone who understands who's not a doctor or my husband. Someone who's been there.... tell me I'm not alone cause it sure feels that way these days.

Here's to a shot in the dark that someone out in Internet land gets it.


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Tara I really get where you are coming from. I had a L4-L5 Lamenectomy both R & L side for bone impingement. One month after surgery in Sep. 2015 extreme pain started in RT back down thru hip and RT leg to toe. Had numbness, tingling, shooting pains and 24/7 aching. Have now progressed to leg spasms and cramps so bad that my RT leg looks like a rope tied in knots. Taking 10-325 Perks 4 times daily with no relief. Spine surgeon says it is due to massive scar tissue that is about 3″ long on spine from L4-S1. I had the caudal lysis of adhesions with saline, hyalurondase, laticane, and steriods injection. No help for a whole month after. then got direct injections into the scar tissue at L4, L5, and S1. Still no help. Now scheduling lots of appointments with surgeons. First one wants me to go on medical marijuana and says that there is no surgery or any other thing that will ever help me. I kept a positive attitude that when they say no help or hoe means that they are scarred to touch me now. Saw my last surgeon yesterday and he said that he can go in with an endoscope and remove as much tissue as possible and that if performed 2 times 2 months apart with special PT inbetween it will eliminate at least 70% of pain. This is the last stand I have cause my body rejected the stimulator implant that I tried for 7 days. Please everyone be persistant and think positive no matter how bad it hurts you physically or mentally. I am a US Marine Corps Veteran and I will fight to the end. Semper Fi Tara I will smile for you if you smile back?