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2 Failed Surgeries, now what...

Started by Dug Danger on 10/24/2016 10:39am

I'll be 55 years old, next month. It's been 4 months since my second spine surgery, the last one being a fusion of L5-4. It's not really hard to tell that the results are not what I had hoped for. The pain has certainly decreased somewhat, but hardly enough to have a "normal" life. After my surgery was an absolute failure, for which I was finally told to just go away, there was nothing else they could or would do to help me, I sought out another practice in hopes of getting somewhat back to normal. I have been able to work on light duty, for about 7 months out of the past 2 years, and used 5 months of vacation/sick time as well. My employer has really helped a lot, but what on earth am I supposed to do now. My so called "pain management" person, already wants to cut out my meds for pain. I am taking "far" less pain meds now than I was before surgery, so that's a blessing. But, I'm not sure I can/will continue without something. All of my pain has been in my left leg, I was told by both docs that my rupture was unusual, in that mine ruptured sideways into my sciatic nerve. While my boss has been a blessing, and I still have about 4months of sick time accrued, I know it's not going to last. I've worked my whole life, have no idea what to do next. I know that I'll never be able to survive off of the $700 a month the government gives. The good news out of all this, I have quit smoking after 40+ years....!!!

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I had a L4-L5 Lamenectomy both R & L side for bone impingement. One month after surgery in Sep. 2015 extreme pain started in RT back down thru hip and RT leg to toe. Had numbness, tingling, shooting pains and 24/7 aching. Have now progressed to leg spasms and cramps so bad that my RT leg looks like a rope tied in knots. Taking 10-325 Perks 4 times daily with no relief. Spine surgeon says it is due to massive scar tissue that is about 3″ long on spine from L4-S1. I had the caudal lysis of adhesions with saline, hyalurondase, laticane, and steriods injection. No help for a whole month after. then got direct injections into the scar tissue at L4, L5, and S1. Still no help. Now scheduling lots of appointments with surgeons. First one wants me to go on medical marijuana and says that there is no surgery or any other thing that will ever help me. I kept a positive attitude that when they say no help or hoe means that they are scarred to touch me now. Saw my last surgeon yesterday and he said that he can go in with an endoscope and remove as much tissue as possible and that if performed 2 times 2 months apart with special PT inbetween it will eliminate at least 70% of pain. This is the last stand I have cause my body rejected the stimulator implant that I tried for 7 days. Please everyone be persistant and think positive no matter how bad it hurts you physically or mentally. I am a US Marine Corps Veteran and I will fight to the end. Semper Fi


Cap't, I have had several surgeries and had to see over 18 different spine specialists/Neurosurgeons before finding one that was interested in helping instead of worrying about his reputation for 100% success.
I've had 2 fusions and looking at third after finding out a pedicle screw was fractured. I don't think the science for spine repair is close to being exact and think doctors are afraid of difficult cases.
I do however have a medical marijuana recommendation and found that CBD's are incredible pain relievers! They don't get you "high" so there are no side effects. I usually buy cheeba chews (tootsie roll type item) and cut into 8 doses that I take 2-3x daily. I have read study after study about the uses of CBD's and they seem to have unlimited medicinal qualities. They have killed cancer in rats, stopped seizures, have anti-inflammatory properties, reverse diabetes and 3 senators have just asked the House of Representatives to allow more studies on CBD's because the results thus far have been incredible. If your doc suggested medical marijuana, I would urge you to try CBD's. I have been able to get more relief from them than all of my pharmaceutical Ned's (Fentanyl patches, Baclofen, Percoset, etc.)
I even recommended them to a man I met in his 70's who still couldn't function a year after a hip replacement. He was taking 50mcg Fentanyl patches as well and was in terrible pain. He sent me an email about 6 months later telling me he finally tried CBD's as a last resort and within 4 days he was PAIN FREE!! I was blown away and so happy for him. I am not pain free with CBD's, but I am in much less pain than I've been in since 2005 after my first fusion.
Surgery is still a bit of a guessing game I think, but the CBD's seem to work for everyone. You can also get them in a sublingual oil. I use a minimum of a 18:1 CBD:THC dosage. You will not feel the THC, but it helps the CBD's to be more effective. The 4:1 is used by cancer patients and assists with appetite.
Best of luck to you and don't give up. We have to be our own advocates because too many doctors are only interested in "easy" cases that make them look good.