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Started by Jessica Blakelock on 10/23/2016 2:42am

I've had a bad back since I was 15. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and hyper mobility at 20. L5:/6 degenerated and lumbar stenosis in 2012.Emergency back surgery at 36 for 2 discs L4and L5. They had burst and where compression on my spinal cord, had part disectomy of both disc no fusion ect leaving the 2 vertebrate to more or less rest on each other . So been in pain, also many bad eposide s, of been laid up in. Bed since and over night stays in hospital for pain relief . Suffered from constant pain in the left arm and stiff neck for some time MRI and X-ray showed bone spur , c5 / c6 and disc budge. Also since June this year I've spent a lot of time been laid up, lower back again , recent MRI last week. Stilll no news. As symptoms of water running down my left leg, horrendous sciatica in left leg and also pain in right to knee. Numb left leg and bum cheek, dragging leg when walk . Rest over 9 wks has eased it a little, but iM left unable to sit in an upright position, many sleepless night s very limited mobility as even just going to the toilet, (which had increased dramatically due to nerve irritation.. levels me laid up resting to relive pain. And also gave very little power when pushing to empty my bowls . Havining to use 2 fingers over my exit and push against them to go . Also my geniuses area feels quite numb. My fox has referred me to a neurosurgeon at private hospital. I see next week, as nhs is 2 slow hope I don't have to have another op, but if it means getting some of my life back I'll do anything. Spinal blocks and Physo have not worked for me. I have de genitive disc diease , bad backs we believe is hereditary in my dads side . So may have even more issues as o age hope not Iam only 40. All these years of pain take its toll.

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Sorry for spelling mistakes. Bloody predictive text won't let me correct. Should say genital s not geniuses. Also should say doc and not fox ect