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Pain Management or Surgery ?

Started by ilive42day on 10/15/2016 1:50am

I am having a lot of pain in my low back (3 bad discs) as well as hips, groin, inner and outer thighs, buttock, sacroilliac joints, hamstrings, knee down to foot, tailbone pain, mid back spasms and constant cracking along back rib cage, neck and shoulder pain (3 bad discs) in neck, constant spasms and twitching in neck and shoulder, deltoid, bicepts, pain in elbows, and get numbness in pinky side of hands, which from what I have researched is a symptom of a c8 nerve root but my Mri's only show up to C7 and they want to do a fusion C5 thru C7 on me. Some days I can hardly walk or turn my head and I really want to just end it. I have DDD (degenerated disk disease) DJD (degenerated joint disease/osteoarthritis) Sciatica, Fibromyalga,
Spinal Stenosis, Sacroillitis, flare-up of Piriformus Syndrome and now hip and groin pain and I had a bad whiplash about 2 years ago which is when I started getting burning pain in my shoulders and now severe arthritis at the base of my neck.
And things continue to slowly get worse. All my bones pop and crack even groins. Its my whole muscular skeletal system.
I get cortizone injections, but they usually only help for 4 months if at all and then the pain comes back with a vengence.
& I take my meds (which only help me get thru the day) I spend all my time resting & just nursing my pain. I so tired of living like this and its been a fast down hill slide over the past few years. Cant & don’t really deal with this much longer and I cant even imagine 5-10 years from now when I will probably be crippled and have to use a wheelchair I can’t sit for more 15 minutes because of the pain. I took 3 10-325 Norco’s and a couple of muscle relaxers the other day cause pain was really really bad and I was hallucinating. I am living a total nightmare when I am am conscious and having the craziest thought and dreams. My question is when do u consider surgery ? Even though I will need several. But I am very apprehensive about a spinal fusion as my dad had one they cut the nerve to his tongue and every 3 years he needed another surgery until finally he has 7-8 surgeries and his entire spine was fused. I figure I will wait to have surgery until I can longer walk or use my arms and hands even though its painful. Problem is I double sided SI joint pain, double sided lower back and hip pain. so where to even start ? Good luck to all.

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