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Pedicle screw

Started by Dee6833 on 09/30/2016 4:05pm

Has anyone had previous lumbar disc/fusion L5-s1 pedicle screws that went through the bone? Ct scan report says: prominent by cortical purchase of the right L5 pedicle screw extending into the right retroperitoneum. Wth? Disc of ct scan shows the screw coming out the front of the bone at l5. Is this normal? In so much pain, legs keep going numb and everyone keeps saying I should get an attorney because it's malpractice, and the surgeon misplaced the pedicle screw. I'm so frustrated. 2mos ago at my 1yr post op appt the dr said X-ray shows my right side wasn't fused yet and light around pedicle screw means screw was loose and that's why I wasn't fusing, said surgery might be needed, and to get ct scan done to get better look. Last week got ct scan done. Just today I talked to surgeons office,they waited a week to call me back after ct report was sent and I've called them 3x saying I was in severe pain only to say that they didn't see anything new on ct report other than a disc bulge at l4-l5. ??? Told them I have copy of report and copy of ct disc that shows screw going through the bone?? They said to come in this week, so they can view the ct scan. They didn't seem to care I was in more pain or legs keep going numb.

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