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waiting for surgery on t11down s1

Started by wandasue on 09/22/2016 3:30am

The surgeon says he's going to straighten my back at t11 t12. Every disc from there on down is bone on bone and he will be fixing those and putting a brace. Can anyone please help me at what all this means. I'm waiting to be approved by Medicare for this surgery. I'm really scared. I have a pain pump and a stimulated will they disconnect them for surgery?

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Does anyone know how long it takes Medicare to approve this kind of surgery? I,m also on Medicaid.


HI Wandasue,
I know how scary it is to await surgery. I'm getting my third back surgery (fusion) this Wednesday and I am scared also. I'm not sure if he will disconnect the pump and stimulator...did you ask him? I wouldn't even think of not asking my neurosurgeon these questions and I hope you contact him or at least his Nurse Prac. to ask these questions. They are important and need to be answered.

As far as the approval time for Medicare and Medicaid, I'd ask your surgery scheduler. That's who deals with all the pre-authorizations in most surgeons offices, at least here in the US. The scheduler does this everyday and could give you an idea with the particular plan you are on (Medicare supplement, replacement, etc and Medicaid according to your state and locality).

The best of luck to you!