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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Pain management.

spinal stimulace..

Started by dolly77 on 09/19/2016 4:03pm

About three mo's ago I had a spinal cord stimulus surgically implanted in my spine. It's been a night mare. Where I had neuropathic pain in my spine.. Now not only do I have that but numbness in my leg along with shocking pain that can throw me to the floor..
The incision is still bleeding in one spot.
I saw the Dr. Fri. only to be told that the incision wasn't infected.. I didn't think it was, but I was concerned about my metal allergies..
It will be major surgery to have it removed. Please, think and talk to others before doing this..
Maybe it works for just back pain. I have neuropathy.. Numbness in my leg with much pain. I can tell it does nothing for neuropathy except cause more pain.. Beware!!

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