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Will massage help spasms and cramps?

Started by Brywithay on 09/17/2016 12:12am

Hi to everyone,
I'm new to the site but I'm a fairway down the road after my surgery. Back in Feb 2014 I suffered from a prolapsed disc c6-c7 from a rugby injury,my whole left side would not function but my right side was normal. After an mri scan it revealed 80% of my spinal cord was pressed by the disc . So surgery was the only option to relieve it. After surgery I still could not move left side and took another 5 months in hospital to retrain my left leg to step using aids and mirror to get brain to plant foot straight. Now after over 2 years since operation my left side is weak and my right side has a numb ting feeling,I cannot feel pain down my right side below my belly button. I can pull hairs out of my right leg and no pain just tingles. My left side suffers terrible with spasms and cramps also sciatica occurs in the morning. Most nights I also get a very frustrating tingling in my left arm which I can only describe as pins and needles but extreme that I feel I could cut my arm off some nights just to rest. I'm really at my end of my wits and my medication of tramadol,gabapentine only seems to dilute the problem. I'm thinking of maybe some massage therapy would help with my spasms and cramps. Any advice would be great as I'm desperate and totally run down from lack of sleep. Thanks Bryan

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