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Severe neck & back pain

Started by blancheinquietpain on 08/30/2016 8:12pm

I was in a car crash in March of 2004. I had herniated disks in my neck and back. I had my first neck surgery where the orthopedic doctor only did c4 and I was still in bad pain but I assumed it was from the surgery and that it had to heal. While I was waiting for that to heal we were waiting to do the back surgery but after bending down a few times and could not stand up and ending up in the hospital a few times by way of an ambulance I knew I could not wait forever. I was going for my back surgery and someone told me to go to a neurosurgeon because I could end up crippled. So I found one and he was scheduling my back surgery and I broke down and started crying telling him how much my neck still hurts. He got my MRI's and said he could not understand how come the ortho did not do C4,5,6,7 because I had issues all the way down. So I was scheduled for another neck surgery to follow up with a back surgery in a month. I can not tell you how much my neck hurts me everyday. I keep wondering if I have herniated my neck or have some other issues going on. I try not to complain about my pain otherwise I'm afraid I would have no friends or family that would want to be around me. So I suffer in silence. Does anyone know if you can herniate C1,2,3 or could my neck be reinjured?

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