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Alternatives to Fusion surgery on L3-L4?

Started by Move2Live on 08/23/2016 7:22pm

I have listhesis at the L3-L4 level with a Grade 1 slip of L3. A few months ago, I developed a horrible shocking pain from my hip, through my thigh to knee and tingling nerve pain and numbness in my calf. The listhesis is causing compression of the femoral nerve through L3. I had a nerve block a few months ago after the diagnosis and it did relieve some of the shock pain in my thigh and quad muscles. My Neurosurgeon ordered a new MRI and I met with him yesterday. He is recommending L3-L4 posterior fusion. The pain is relieved by sitting or laying down, but I am very active and used to being able to walk my dogs. Doc said the sooner the surgery, the better chances of full restoration of the nerve. I am trying to determine what the risks are if I don't do the surgery i.e. cauda equine syndrome, permanent nerve damage. Once you have had surgery, there's no turning back. Any suggestions for alternative treatments and risks involved if the compression is not treated surgically?

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