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Spinal Cord Stimulator tips for recovering at Home

Started by jbcoscorrosa on 08/21/2016 1:30pm

Hi, I am having a Spinal Cord Stimular surgery starting with trial on Friday (8/26/16). I was hoping that anyone who has had one may give me some tips for recovering at home. You know, tips to make life easier.

I have already had numerous blocks, 2 lumbar fusions at L3/S1 plus several lamectomies. I know the "routine of home recovery tips". However, I have heard this is different. I think knowing tricks and what to expect from other patients would calm my nerves.

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September of 2015 I had my scs implant preformed, It has changed my life for the better. But lets get to your Question 1st, surgery temporary unit was a breeze, like me you have had an open decompression so no cutting there. The only thing I remember is the testing for proper placement of leads, it isn't to bad a event. learning how to program the scs is just trial and error think long and hard on that one. If this works for you and the unit is like mine some of the setting can only be changed by the Medtronic's Tech. Permanent scs they have to cut you a lot more but again for us its not a big deal(We have gone though a lot worse. For me the hard part is not doing to much, Leads are held in place by scare tissue to much movement will make them go out of position that will take like a month. No golf (ever) don't jump off of any thing, no twisting and you'll have to be aware or EMF radiation can screw with you implant, I got to close to speakers at a festival really strange feeling and before I forge my scs is adaptive it is programed to my position at all times Standing and sitting are the same but laying down is a big deal until you get programed properly. you will need to turn it down or switch it to b input so you don't have to jump out of bed kind of feels like your being shocked by 110 volts you wont forget to many times. Ill keep looking to see if thi was any help.


Hi. I had the SCS trial and the implant this past May. All went well. Minimal pain following surgery. My advice is to really take it easy the first 4 weeks, even after you feel much better. No lifting, twisting, reaching overhead or stretching. For another 4 weeks, no overdoing anything. The implanted wires need time to scar into place. Even well down the road, I would avoid twisting movements. It will take two or three visits with your SCS vendor to get the programming optimal for your personal needs. You will acclimate to the stimulation quickly; however, it may change some as it begins to scar into place, required additional programming changes. After that, you will quickly learn how to get things programmed where it works best for you without further intervention by your vendor. Recently, I was recharging and forgot to turn my SCS back on when I left for work. I felt really bad and realized what I had done. Since I forgot my programmer I could not turn it back on until I got back home. Had a miserable day. It was then that I realized just how effective it was. Keep in mind that the SCS is not a "magic bullet." You will get some, but not complete relief. Back pain sufferers, like us, learn to take relief in bits and pieces, wherever we can get them. I would say I got about 60% improvement. Works well on the burning sciatica. The only thing it didn't help with is the numbing pain in my legs. I have the Medtronics adaptive device. Works well. Very pleased so far. I have no regrets for the doing the procedure and would do it again without hesitation. Best wishes during your procedure and thereafter. Tim


I had a clavicle spinal cord stimulater put in. Six weeks ago . The battery pack located under my shoulder blade . Since my surgery I have real bad stinging in my head and part of my head it still numb . The battery sticks out a bit also and that gets sore if I wear a bra or lean on anything. I'm getting scared because of the stinging and numbness in the back of my head I was wondering if any one else had this issue