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Degenerative disc disease or Osteoarthrist

Started by mjjarnold on 08/12/2016 3:47pm

Had ct scan, mri and x-ray's of my neck! It got so bad with pain I could hardly move it! They gave me pain medicine and theraphy!
None of this has worked and I am still in chronic pain and no one will listen! They just want to keep doing test after test. I am so tried I just need someone that can explain or tell me something.

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Hello, I don't know how old you are or your case but I can tell you about mine. I was 25 years old when I was diagnosed with DDD at my L4 and L5 with my L5 being the worse of the 2. They wanted to fuse me and I opted to wait and just manage my pain with pills. I'm glad I did because a couple while later I saw something on TV called a Total disk replacement that was in trials. This was 1999 and the surgery was approved by the FDA in 2004 and I finally got workers comp to do the surgery on Sep. of 2005. I woke up completely pain free in my lower back and I could feel my legs & ass again and had zero numbness or anything. The only pain was from the surgery itself but it was totally worth it. I went into surgery on Thursday at 600am and was up walking down the hall by 600pm and I was ready to go back to work by Monday (office work that is) but I waited till the following Thursday and that Friday I was walking up a hill to look at one of our projects. Now I had to be careful because the disk needed time to bond with my spine but I was lifting over 100lb’s again within a month and riding quad’s within 2. I had not been able to do either since 1998! Now I’m having issues with my cervical & live in a different state and I’m told by a lot of Dr. that my case is very rare and they all want to fuse so I asked a really good friend who sells medical equipment & knows these Dr.’s and he has told me it’s because they don’t make much money off of TDR and make much more off of the fusions. I have told numerus people about my TDR that are told they need to be fused and every one of them that talk to their Dr.’s here tell them they are not a candidate. Now I know it is a newer procedure but come on, you can’t tell me I’m the only one it was a good surgery for. Anyways, just a little of my 17+ years of experience with the issue and with DDD. BTW I have lived a very active lifestyle since the surgery with only a little pain in the lower back up until last year when I was in a car accident and they said my L4 is worse and L2 & 3 are bulging & then 8 months later I was rear-ended and now I have the cervical issues, so yea I know a little about the pain you’re going through and I’m sorry you are now dealing with it. I wish you the best of luck and just make sure you see multiple dr.’s until you feel comfortable about what to do.


Hi was this your only surgery? It just made me sick to my stomach. To hear Dr. Fuse just for the money. Meanwhile cause a hell of a lot of pain in their patients. I wasn't told my discs were going to be removed, and fusion. I was diagnosed with DDD, and still have it. I am way too honest.
Went in for sciatica, and now live with horrific back pain, and still sciatica


Hello CG, yes this was my only surgery but I will be having more in the immediate future as my neck pain is getting intolerable and restricting my lifestyle I am use to. I know there are better things out there then fusion and there is no way I will ever be fused. I have managed my L4 pain all these years with going to the gym and even though it is so much worse after my accidents I will only allow them to do a TDR. They want to go in and clean it up but if your going in to do something you might as well fix it right the first time and not mess around. I'm in construction and there is no way I'm opening someone's ceiling up just so I can do it again in a couple years, it's just not morally right in my book. But I'm still trying to manage that pain with gym work and so far I'm doing okay, not where I was before the accidents by any means but better then fusion until I find a Great Dr that has the same morals that I do about surgery. My neck will for sure need something done because I can't even workout one day without knocking me down for a week and that's just not acceptable to me so my first priority is to fix the neck and then deal with my lower back. Now that said there is only one option in my eyes for a fix on this problem as well and I have appointments with 4 different surgeons to talk about what they think and to interview them. I hear some people are told by dr's that they are "wasting my time" by the Dr's but you know what, it's my body and I have to deal with what they ultimately end up doing and it can be catastrophic like you. I have heard 90% more issues with fusion then I have about it helping someone out. And the ones it has they still have pain and can barley move there neck. I have DDD and I know if they go in and just clean things up they will have to go back in. So I know there is only one solution and I'm going to go through every Dr. in this god for sake town till I find one that isn't just about the money but actually cares about their patients. I know this surgery works first hand and would not do anything else in it's place. I have yet to read an article that says the TDR did not work for them & they searched out the correct Dr for the procedure. I have read about it not working but then they also said they didn't like the way the dr treated them before or after and I bet anything they never even looked up the dr's to see their track record. Anyways, sorry for the long novel.


Sadly....you are 100% correct about fusion surgeries. I was told that my spine was in such terrible shape that if I didn't do the fusion, I could be doing something simple, like picking something up off the floor, and there was a chance that my spine would just snap, making me a paraplegic!

If I was to give any advice...it would be to see a Neurosurgeon for ANY spinal surgeries....leave the Ortho's to do knees, hips etc. My so called Dr was an Ortho...and he made a stupid mistake of leaving my sciatic nerve retracted for too long during surgery #1....well, that and he left a chunk of disc and bone fragments behind :( I had to have surgery #2 6 weeks later because they just couldn't figure out what could be causing my extreme pain. Interestingly enough, I had a CT/Myelogram done to help them figure this out and they swore that they still couldn't see anything that could be causing me this horrific pain.....although 2 Nuero's looked at the exact same films and were able to point out where and what my problem was in 10 seconds! The chunk of disc had my nerve impinged, while the bone fragments basically sawed on that nerve for 6 weeks :( That is a pain I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy.