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Started by 176121666416151... on 08/04/2016 11:54pm

In December of last year I had a posterior cervical fixation from c3 to t1 to fix serve compression on the spinal cord still have major pain headaches numbness and tingling in both arms and legs. My surgeon has looked at my back also and informed me that I have a instability in my lumbar l4 l5 s1 area and he says nothing can be done really to help except to deal with the pain and lose of my leg strength and arm strength and of course I was injured at work so this all is under work comp which they don't care for one's health (sorry off the subject ) the doctor also diagnosed me with degeneration disc dise and arthritis I'm tired of being in pain all the time can't walk hardly cause of the pain and weaknesses and they say I can't be prescribed any medication to help oh and the enability to sleep is another issue can't get comfortable. Yes I've been through all of the pt with no relief any idea's also I'm 41 6'4" sorry for rambling

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