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7 weeks out from single level C-5-6 surgery and nothing is better

Started by 102086022884466... on 08/03/2016 10:28pm

Just trying to find hope. I had ACDF surgery on June 14, 2016. My reasons for getting the surgery were debilitating radiating pain down my shoulders and into my arms. Particularly intense in my shoulder and elbow. Loss of grip strength and hand tingling. Anyway, honestly, most days, I feel like nothing is better. Many people I have heard had miraculous recoveries and no more pain. Now, I have the same pain with the added benefit of daily throat discomfort and loss of appetite. I am so depressed by all this. Doctor's office say it is 'nerves healing'.. But, I am super nervous about this.. Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this and if they eventually got better. also, if there is anything else that might help let me know.. I don't want to be limited to only part time work, be on pain meds, and deal with this daily chronic pain constantly. I hoped the surgery would help.. :(

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