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cervical spinal stenosis C3 to C7 with discetomy

Started by carkilne on 08/03/2016 5:56pm

I am a 50 year old female:
I was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis with discetomy my spine is being compressed a great deal, the MRI shows a very thin stream of spinal fluid in the neck area on both left and right side. What is the worse that could happen if I do not have the required surgery?

I already have pain and numbness in my left arm, hand and fingers .

Several weeks ago I awoke with no feeling in my hand and could not move my left hand or fingers at all. My daughter and I had to physically move my neck and head around then I was able to get the feeling and movement back. I am very scared to have the surgery bbut even more scared that if I do not I will end up paralized.

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