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Broken Hardware - Occiput/Cervical fusion

Started by 120415459961685... on 07/28/2016 10:00am

I had surgery fusing C-5,6,7 in 2004. Then in 10/15, I had surgery w/ a plate put on my head and then connected down the back to 2 rods spanning the entire cervical spine area. Almost 6 weeks later, the weld/rod broke from the plate area.....I heard it happen over 2 days time and people could hear then metal on metal outside my head. The surgery was repeated 1/16 and now the rod on the other side has snapped completely about an inch and a half below the occiput plate. The Dr. has ordered an MRI b/c I have a RA pannus but I don't have RA = : (a sheet of inflammatory granulation tissue that spreads from the synovial membrane and invades the joint in rheumatoid arthritis ultimately leading to fibrous ankylosis) that had been compressing my spinal cord which is the reason for the original surgery. The Dr. left it in there and said he hoped that by stabilizing my spine, that the pannus would shrink but if not, if I was still having problems after a year, he would go in through my throat and remove it - that's the only way to reach it apparently. At any rate, he has at this point suggested that my own neck muscles are the reason for the 2 breakages????? I am finding this EXTREMELY hard to believe but would like anyone's input or sharing of similar situations as I am now wondering about legal issues? Never one to put stock in the 'pain and suffering' you hear about in law suits, I now completely understand the issues as this has caused more problems than is imaginable as I am a 51yr old single Mom of 2 young children (2adult kids as well) w/ the youngest on the autism spectrum. So, I've a gazillion questions but am reaching out to find others who have had hardware break w/i the first 6 mo. w/ seemingly no cause???? Thanks to anyone w/ info! Take care and have a wonderful day :)

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Hi, I have been told that I need to have my cranium fused to my cervical spine down through my thoracic spine. Putting this off, for quality of life reasons, as will not be able to move my head at all, at that point. Had acdf c4-c7 and the upper cervocal spine cannot handle the load of my head, as those disks are severely degenerated too now. Are you disabled after having had that surgery you query about? I see no responses to your post, so hi.