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Bad neck pain.

Started by Scorp on 07/27/2016 8:50pm

I was in a industrial accident just over 3 months ago. I had a 400 plus pound door fall on the top of my head. It knocked me out. And compressed my neck. I was taken to the ER in a ambulance. They did a ct on me and found no broken bones. I don't remember much of that day and the next few days after.
I have headaches every day. Some worse then others. I have bad neck pain everyday. I can't even move my head without being in pain.
My regular Dr had me do PT. Other then that she was worthless. I had to beg to get a MRI done. That took a month. It took 9 weeks from the day of the accident to see a neurologist. And he refered me to a spine Dr. I see him this Friday. 7/29/16.
Antiinflammatory meds doesn't help, pt didn't help. Nothing I do helps with the pain.
The MRI shows. C3-4 broad discs and osteophye complex resulting in mild spinal stenosis. The bulge contacts the ventral surface of the cord. Facet and uncovertebral joint hypertrophy sever left and mild right foraminal stenosis.
C4-5 is the same.
And it goes all the way down to C7.
My question is. After doing everything that my Dr had me do and I'm still in a lot of pain. No I'm not taking any pain meds. Haven't this whole time.
What do you think the spine Dr will do?

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I work for a neurologist and we hear about "spine" or "back" doctors all the time. I'm guessing by that you mean and orthopaedic doctor? A neurologist, chiropractor, ortopaedist, surgeon or pain management can all be considered "spine doctors". But I would guess that your first step will probably be injections and pain medications and/or referral to pain management.