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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, with lots of complicating factors

Started by 102102859195307... on 07/23/2016 11:24am

Looking for input from anyone who has this diagnosis, especially if this is your diagnosis after many years of chronic neck pain, old whiplash (mine was 40 years ago and was always ignored by doctors when I'd mention it as a contributing factor!), neuropathy and FMS etc.

So, it seems finally that the probable condition which as left me with all of this pain and disability for decades is undiagnosed and untreated TOS. And probably also Pectoralis Syndrome.

So disgusted with the piecemeal approach of our medical care. No one doctor I've seen over the years has had the interest or ability to really look at the whole picture, problem solve, approach it from an approach of "gee, let's see if we can track this back to when you got your injuries, and find out where some of the perpetuating problems are right now." Orthopedists are only interested in you need surgery, pain doctors are good with shots but by definition are going to get looking at isolated places where pain manifests (what if your pain is everywhere??).

If you are an older person with late diagnosis of TOS, can you share your journey with PT, any other approaches that help a lot, did you end up with surgery? Money is always a problem... I'm stuck pretty much with what medicare would pay for.


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