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Ten months post C5-C7 fusion still numb

Started by maddiew on 07/17/2016 9:41am

Hi, All,

I am a 50 year old otherwise very healthy woman who had two level hybrid fusion of C5-C7 on 9/18/15. Prior to onset of symptoms I was incredibly active, working out six days a week and always on the go. My only symptoms were numbness, tingling and muscle weakness in both arms, hands and feet. Surgeon was confident that surgery would heal arms and hands, more tentative but hopeful about feet. Surgery also included foramenal narrowing and bone spurs which were successfully addressed.

Ten months later I am still not feeling better. I have days where I feel great -- 70% better and those days are magical. But then the symptoms return and linger for a week or more. Currently I am experiencing not only numbness but a burning almost pain like sensation in my arms and hands. Surgeon is baffled. I had an MRI on 6/10/16 and images show that fusion is healing perfectly and no other cervical discs are compromised. I had a fluroscopy guided cortisone shot but no relief.

Certain positions excaerbate the numbness -- pressure on the back of my neck, typing on my laptop or iPad -- all make the symptoms worse. Sometimes I can sleep through the night but most nights I cannot.

Surgeon claims that nerves can heal up to three years post decompression , but I have read elsewhere that 18 months is the limit. As I near the one year post operative mark I am getting very concerned that my nerves might not ever heal. Any advice/suggestions/words of wisdom and comfort would be appreciated.

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Hello I just had the surgery in June and I hurt too like crazy. I don't know when I can go back to work or start normal activities. I am afraid that I too will experience pain for a long time. I am so sorry that you are going through all that pain. God bless .