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Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Started by 172595898764216... on 06/22/2016 3:38pm

I have been diagnosed with this since 2003 and have seen multiple Doctors and received multiple treatments such as injection \blocks Physical therapy \Pain medication of all sorts . I have been told I need surgery by several doctors..But never could afford it .....Since April 2010 I have been unable to work and am awaiting a court date on an \Appeal for Social Security Disability....I have been denied FIVE times !!!! And now I'm experiencing more pain \ numbness tingling in \down my left leg ...My hands don't hold\or grip anything anymore !! And my fingers in my hands constantly jump \ uncontrollable.. kind of Freaks me out ... But how do they expect me to hold a substantial job if I can't deal with this pain everyday ...I have no medical insurance and I'm only able to see a Free Clinic M.D. and they can't prescribe anything stronger than Naproxen & it makes my stomach sick ... Someone, Somewhere PLEASE HELP ME .....??

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Teresa, as sad as this might sound try signing up for mental health counseling! I was turned down 2 times until the 3rd attorney found out that I was in counseling to deal with my chronic pain from lupus & MS, {& various medical probs with spine & neck due to childhood abuse} for some reason that made the difference.


Dear Teresa, I feel yur pain. First Get thy self to a Free County Hospital. This will help in several different ways. Go by Ambulance, no bullshit here. Tell them U can't stand the pain. They will give U real pain killers first. The next thing is yur leaving a paper trail for Disability to follow. Without a trail they won't ever give it to U. If U applied and then get denied. Reapply before 60 days or better find a Social Security Lawyer and have them reapply. Have the County hospital get one of their Orthapedics or Neurosurgery dude take a look at yur x-rays, or MRI. THE MORE DOCS THE BETTER. Social Security won't give a damn near dead person anything unless they see a paper trail, doctor reports, meds they given U, time in ER or being Admitted to hospital. If U have passed the 60 days reapply for S.S.Disability call a lawyer who do S.S.D. and as them what to do. They will get U S.S.D. without U having to pay them. If U go to the county hospital and tell them U can't pay they will give U card that U show when U see there doctors...write down ever doctors name,#, of each place they send U...think paper trail for Social Security. Hope this helps. Trent