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Posted in: Chronic pain, Neck pain, and Surgery.

Cervical fusion/broken hardware

Started by IngridChevalier on 05/22/2016 12:00pm

Hi, I am Ingrid. I am a 49 yr old active healthy women. In 2011 I was experiencing intolerable neck pain. I went to an ortho surgeon, was given surgery in three days. The ortho fused my c-6/7 . I had immediate relief from the surgery. Continued to do well until July 2015. I started to experience numbing of my left hand, sharp pains through my shoulders down my left arm, and burning patches on the back of my left arm. It had been 4 years since my fusion, I saw my pain mgmt specialist who gave me an epidural which did not help at all. My pain DR. referred me back to Dr. Abbott Byrd my ortho surgeon. At my visit Dr. Byrd asked if I had an epidural, I told him yes. He took a call on his cell phone from his wife a just talked to me over his shoulder. He pointed to my arm and said " That is not a symptom of stenosis!" I was confused and very uncomfortable as he started yelliIng at me (still on the phone with his wife) " YOU WANT A SURGERY, YOU WANT ME TO CUT YOU!!!" Horrified I left. He made me feel like a crazy person. I was humiliated. I went to see a hand specialist who xrayed and examined both arms and found nothing. I nursed myself along for 7 months. I could not take the pain any more so my pain Doctor referred me to a Neurosurgeon. I saw him yesterday, he had the same MRI from last July when the issue had just started. The neurosurgeon asked me if I had been told the the plate was cracked and the screws are broken. Back in JULY I HAD ONE NUMB HAND! now it is both. Would it have made a difference if It had been treated last July? Why would Dr Byrd not tell me? Can the broken hardware have caused the increasing pain and numbness. Shouldn't he have told me? I would so much appreciate some feedback on this situation .


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