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My back and neck pain

Started by Bunnys4me on 05/18/2016 1:03pm

I am 53 and I had a lamenectomy on my back due to herniated disc and a cervical fusion on my neck also due to herniation. That was in 2006 and 2011. Now this year I have been having so much pain and numbness on my right side it's unbearable. I don't want to complain but I do. I hurt always. I have had migraines from he'll! Started last Dec with botox shots. They take them down but still have the strain of them. My vision is not the same I can't turn left all the way without my right side hurting . I can't stand this pain. The worst part is the stiffness in my lower back and neck. And the most embarrassing is when I go to the bathroom it's hard to bend to wipe myself front or back. My MRI results for back and neck we're not good. Neck showed bulging disc plus severely flattened ventral.cords. back bulging disc. Protrusions. Ugh!! I don't want to get cut again. But I don't want to end up paralized. And what hurts is I think my husband really thinks I'm not really hurting and that hurts me a lot because I do hurt a lot. I had to stop working after 14 years at the same job. I'm so depressed. Help!!

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