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Snooker about your back

Started by 128485832819528... on 05/10/2016 11:58pm

I have had 4 back surgeries. They took out my screws and cross bars. It didn't stop the pain at all. I just keep getting worse. I really hate to tell you that. I would not recommend you doing it. I can't stand in one place but for maybe 2 minutes. I can't walk around in stores for no time . Like I can wLk into the pharmacy to pick up my medicine and walk into the doctors office but I have to set down. I get so mad but I am doing everything I can do and my pain Doctor is 2. I had 4 failed back surgeries. I need another in Mt thoracic area but the Doctors at Duke want touch me because I would have a 9 out of 10 percent chance of being paralyzed not worth it. They said I would probably be in a wheelchair chair at some point which I am if I want to go to the mail or any big outing but I'm not paralyzed. The second back surgery I just about died. So I pray alot to God to help me make it through to were I never have to have surgery again because when that happened to me it cause ptsd. God was there with me through all of my surgeries Praise his Holy Name. Just do what you feel like your gut is telling you to do the reason I say that is because on the way over to the hospital something kept telling me not to do it and Lord do I wish I has listen but Praise God it wasn't my time to die because if it had if been I would be dead. My back hurts all the time and my hips are so painful from were they used some of my bone from both of my hips. I also have Fibromyalgia now. All of my surgeries the 1st one 1998 2000 2002 2004.

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