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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Neck pain.

Cluster Headaches(at the end of my rope)

Started by 109288652408401... on 05/05/2016 9:02am

I have suffered since about 8 years old with "migraines". But my pain was excruciating and would come and go. I would have months between attacks with no apparent trigger. Finally an internist diagnosed me with cluster headaches. My attacks are debilitating and so painful, I've considered getting a gun as that would take the pain away. My husband has noticed a pattern in me over the last few years of neck and upper back irritation/misalignment. And thinking back, in second grade I had a severe neck trauma and was never taken to the doctor. Now I'm having a cluster and I think it's triggered between my shoulder blades running up to my neck. Does anyone else have anything similar?

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Hi, I have had migrains and cluster headaches. Most people do not know that the cluster headaches are called killer headaches. I picked up cluster headaches when I was diagnosed with fybromialgia. I went to ER and thank god there was a doctor there who knew the difference. Since I see a pain management doctor for 2 car wrecks, mutiple chronic issues from spine to hips n neck.. I was put on hydrocodone with acetaminophen and dursgesic patches with Ib profen. Well although low doses on all it got rid of my cluster headaches.. Again I had numerous other injuries but it may help to see pain doc. I do get migrains still but nothing like I use to.. I also get spinal injections and pressure point injections.. But I thought I was losing my mind.. The pain is 20x with cluster headaches.. Hope this helps.