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Plantar Fascitis or Foot/Heel Pain from Sciatica & Lower Back

Started by victoriag on 05/01/2016 12:12pm

After having 2 spinal fusions and in worse pain now than I was 20 yrs ago, I developed what I thought was Plantar Fascitis. Perhaps it was, but I thought the root cause was running up my hill to get out of the rain and inside the house---or mowing grass on a hill and my foot slipping inside my shoe.

Now after 6 months and the pain moving around and consistently hurting NOW with and at the same time as my lower right back, my right foot is still not heeled.

There is no rhyme or reason to the frequency and intensity of pain. It changes as my back pain changes.

I find that extreme stretch and Ibuprofen , or my Px pain pills --can reduce the inflammation-but it always comes back.

After reviewing the Reflexology chart, I also see that pain around the circumference of the heel--the outer edge to the inner side on the back--is related to sciatic NERVE.

I am seeking long term pain solutions for this. I work all day sitting-and I believe this is the culprit now --to the origination of this pain and condition.

BUT, being on disability does not provide enough income to survive, so I've elected to work full time to stay independent, but I am paying dearly for this---My work is software management --8 hrs a day at a desk.
I do get up on the hour to move and stretch-but this is NOT fixing the problem.

Anyone who can relate and provide your experience that resulted in healing or less pain-feel free to contact me or share here.
Thank you,
Victoria G (age 60) first spinal fusion age 15, 2nd spinal fusion age 48 and not very successful.

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