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Posted in: Chronic pain.

Constant, Chronic Pain.

Started by Meggi56 on 04/21/2016 7:37am

My spondylolisthesis was diagnosed in 1997. I'd had six years of being told I had arthritis. Prescriptions for anti-inflammatory drugs had ruined my digestive system. At time of diagnosis, was told that my condition was going to be slow to affect my mobility. Proved not to be so. Degeneration occurred rapidly.
2008, referred to see a spinal Consultant. She told me I'd need fusion surgery. Gave me three months in which to consider. I decided against surgery - after researching procedure in depth. GP supported me.
Now, I'm in constant, chronic pain. My mobility is ever-more limited, while my pain increases. I take Co-codamol, 30/500, twice daily, along with Gabapentin, 300 twice daily. That is where I am now.

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