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Constant pain fron c5-6. Mri done, seen ortho, scheduled physical therapy. Would like to hear from others with similar.

Started by 102082844572056... on 04/01/2016 11:29am

I am 52 yr old female, was in car accident at 16 an my head went through window an hit a pole. At the time i was just stitched up no xrays or anything, never had any trouble til got in my 30s an started having shoulder pain, in my 40s it got worse an in 2012 had mri an seen ortho surgeon. He said that its best to leave it be if gets worse he would try injections. This year i requested another mri because my thumb was having pain an my neck pain is unbearable at times, weakness in the right arm, headaches at times my mind seems cloudy an forgetful not sure if any of this relates to my neck. Seen new ortho who said i had few options pt, injections an surgery. He didnt address all the symptoms i have been having. My mri report c4-5 asymmetric right sided facet arthropathy. There is no disc herniation. Minimal right foraminal narrowing. No left foraminal narrowingor central spinal stenosis.
C5-6 there is broad base disc osteophyte complex measuring approx 3 mm in dia, not appreciably changed. There is ligamentum flavum thickening. There is flattening of the ventral margin of the cervical spinal cord with resultant moderate central spinal canal stenosis, not appreciably changed. There is bilateral uncovertebral spurring, assymmetric along the right side with moderate -severe right an moderate left foraminal narrowing.
C6-7 is ok
C7-t1 also ok
T3-T4 indenting arthropathy an ligamentum flavum thickening again noted at T3-4, indenting the posterior margin of the thecal sac. This examination is degraded bt motion artifact, particularly on the axial sequence.
I am not sure what all that means but have seen the mri pictures of the narrowing. Start pt next week, in hopes of relief an prevent from getting worse. Really wanting to avoid surgery.

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Sorry didnt mean post twice.


Before you decide to go for surgery, I would suggest to go for a 2nd opinion with a good neurosurgeon.