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ALIF L4-S1 4 weeks ago

Started by 102081331527989... on 03/31/2016 1:43pm

Hello all,

I just recently had surgery 4 weeks ago. My pain lvl is not as severe as most people, however, I do have a high pain tolerance.

A little back history: I am a 14 yr engine mechanic on aircraft for the Air Force. I lived with two herniations/degenerative disc disease/ a few annular tears for the past 4 yrs. My Dr told me that I had no other options other than ALIF or PLIF for my L4/L5, L5/S1 . I chose ALIF because I learned through research that the healing process is the best way to go. My surgery went great no blood clots, I was up walking 4-5 hrs after surgery with a lot of help, mainly because of the abdominal incision. I was back home after two days in the hospital.

Pain management has been a nightmare. When I was in the hospital:morphine did 0 for my pain so I was given toradol also. Once I was home, my prescription was for oxycodone. So I basically felt like a drug addict in ALOT of pain for two weeks. I told my Dr about my reaction, he gave me more oxycodone. My prescription ran out and I haven't told my Dr and I am currently drug free lol.

It has been two days with no meds and I will say I feel pretty good but, I have been randomly getting this feeling in the back of my hips that knocks the wind out of me. It almost feels like a bolt of lightening. I'm sure it is from my nerves but I want to know when it's going to stop. It started in my left hip and lasted about a week and now it has moved to my right hip.

I am a very athletic/independent person so I'd like to know when I can go back to work, have sex with my husband, start physical therapy ,and not depend on people as much. I'm so impatient to get better. I just miss feeling normal and not having to deal with chronic pain.

Any positve advice would be helpful.

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