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MRI Tesla Ratings

Started by L5-S1 Pain on 03/02/2016 2:22pm

I am a 32 year old male with 2 back surgeries and continuing pain living in MN. My doctor recently ordered an mri. Now I wanted to use a 3t but they said that because of allergies I could not withing the hmo system. I was wondering if the 1.5t system they don't want me to use because of my bee sting allergy could be as useful as a 3T or 7T. I understand that they want me to use contrast and there could be a reaction to that no matter who you are plus I already had one with contrast in 2013 and the radiologist confirmed it would be the exact same contrast. I feel they are trying to be lazy and/or cheap. So I would like to know if I should insist on 3T or 7T. For a bit more info I have degenerative disc disease I had several bulging disc L3-L5 and one herniated L5-S1 that they operated on twice. I still have leg pain after 2 years and finally have insurance to cover. I only write this because all the studies I can find at NIH indicate its been better to use a 3T for spine imaging since 2007. My current doctor disagrees... though it maybe a systematic hmo problem.

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